How to recover your Google Ranking

Google in Europe has close to 95% of share regarding the search market. If you recently lost traffic it may be because of two kinds of updates: Panda and Penguin. I have helped several business recover their rankings after a Penguin Penalty and increase the site quality to improve rankings after Panda.
You need this service if:

  • Your site disappeared from Google's Search results
  • You saw a sudden decrease in traffic from a specific date
  • Google notified you about unnatural links or a manual penalty
  • You suspect your site has been hit by Negative Seo

The Reinclusion Method

I need to verify that you're really under penalty: it's not uncommon to consider an anomaly as "penalty" but in many cases it's only a technical issue which could be solved resorting to a Seo Audit.

Penguin or Negative Seo recovery

If you're under Penguin or a manual penalty, i will perform the following actions:

  • Review of the link profile using several tools and sources.
  • Identification of link networks, paid links and other sources considered Spam
  • Request removal from each of those site
  • Keep a log of the requests done, that you can see
  • Prepare a Disavow report, telling Google to ignore the links that cannot be removed.
  • Submit a reconsideration request

Panda Recovery

If the website has lost visibility and rankings because of low-quality content, i need to work with you, in order to change the website architecture and contents. In order to claim back the rankings, the strategy will be:

  • Crawl the website
  • Assess the pages quality
  • Remove sitewide issues
  • Measure the performances (like slow loading times)
  • Remove low quality pages


Depending on several factors, the recovery time could be few weeks for manual penalties, to more than six months for Panda and Penguin penalties.

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