Technical Seo audit

A website that doesn't bring new business to a company, it's a shame. Unfortunately even a great web developer may forget those requirements needed for a website to rank in Search Engines

What is included in an audit?

Every audit is custom tailored to the marketing needs of a client. We don't use "templates", but generally speaking every audit should include:
  • Top keyphrases analysis
  • Code level analysis
  • Internal navigation analysis
  • Inbound link analysis
  • Seo "Share of voice" landscape

Who need a Technical Seo audit?

  • New Websites: Have you followed all the guidelines suggested by Google?
  • Restyling or CMS migration: You recently did major upgrade, but have you done a proper migration?
  • Internationalization: is your website seo friendly enough to be multi-country or multi-language?

How accurate is a Technical Seo audit?

It depends on the website, the market of my clients and amount of errors i've found. I usually process hundreds of checkpoints in order to identify potential issues, therefore the deliverable document may be longer than 30 pages.

Every business is unique and every report will reflect that uniqueness.

The report is usually written for ITs and Developers, therefore each anomaly is described in its entirety, including the repercussions on search engine.

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